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About Serlin

At the forefront of artist representation, SERLIN is guided by the discerning vision of Philippa Serlin. With roots deeply embedded in Paris and a distinguished legacy spanning over a decade in New York, our identity resonates with an unwavering commitment to excellence and a perpetual spirit of passion.

Philippa’s Refined Approach

Philippa Serlin, a seasoned professional, seamlessly blends pragmatism with a collaborative ethos in every project. Her efficient coordination sets the tone for SERLIN's work, fostering an environment where precision and genuine collaboration flourish.

Strategic Artistry

In a meticulously considered move, Philippa has chosen four exceptional artists to form the core of the SERLIN Agency. This strategic reorganization optimizes our collective resources, nurturing a dynamic environment where artists and clients collaborate seamlessly as a cohesive team.

Shared Aspirations

Our goal is elegantly simple, yet impactful: to elevate the creative discourse within the industry. SERLIN transcends mere representation, standing as a testament to Philippa's unwavering dedication. Here, each client's vision is met with precision and collaborative expertise.

Join us on our Journey

Step into the narrative of SERLIN, where excellence intertwines gracefully with creativity. Explore our collaborative endeavors, and anticipate forthcoming updates as we persist in shaping the future of representation through genuine teamwork and dedication.